Building control


CLEVER controls multi-zone lighting. It adjusts lighting according to light level or solar time (time of sunrise and sunset) and season. In combination with the Access control system, CLEVER controls personalized lighting.

For example, when a resident enters the parking lot with a personal key card, CLEVER recognizes this resident, and the lamps (light path) from the entrance to the parking lot to the resident's personal parking place automatically turn on.

Dispatching Control

The Dispatching system is a wide network of sensors, control cabinets, intercom devices, and light and sound alarms.

Communication with the executive, i.e. dispatcher, on duty is provided.

The system includes call buttons in elevators and specialized evacuation points for persons with reduced mobility, intercom devices in technical rooms.

The accident-free condition of the building and its engineering systems is monitored through: switch room, heating substations, water metering units, ventilation facility, pumping stations, elevators.

Elevator Management

Taking as a fundament the internal routine in business class houses, CLEVER provides the most comfortable and convenient use of elevators.

By that we mean:

elevators are equipped with terminals for reading personal key cards for residents or QR codes for guests. The settings of the Access control system and the voice recognition system allowed the introduction of voice control of the elevator.

based on the resident's key card or guest's QR code, the elevator takes passengers only to the store where the resident lives or where the guest is invited. Thus, the appearance of outsiders on the stores is excluded,

all elevators are equipped with smart emergency call buttons (to communicate with the dispatcher or call the emergency service).

Heating Substations, Pumping and Ventilation Facilities

CLEVER provides remote control of controllers and programmable relays via digital protocols. The system optimizes the operation of power plants, focusing on the indicators and data of weather services. It also sends signals to the dispatcher in case of violations of operating modes.

General Household Accounting of Energy Resources

CLEVER has a subsystem for data collecting from communal metering devices for cold and hot water, heating energy, and electricity. Mercury, SET, Vzlet, Logika, Thermotronic, Teplokom, Prompribor, SAYANY devices are supported.

Automated System for Commercial Electric Energy Metering (AMI System)

The CLEVER system provides automatic data collection from metering devices. The system conducts apartment-by-apartment accounting of electricity, heat, hot and cold water.

The list of manufacturers of metering devices: Pulse, Arzamas plant, Betar, Pulsar, Energomera. If necessary, new devices can be added.

Readings taken from metering devices via CLEVER are displayed in the mobile application and on apartment touch panels.

ACS (Access Control System)

The ACS system is a set of technical means for opening/closing doors, parking barriers, and gates.

Access to the territory and the premises is strictly set for a limited number of persons, carried out through passes, key cards, and/or a mobile application account. The ACS identifies the incoming person, restricts the access of unauthorized persons, and reacts to violations of the access regime.

Video Intercom

CLEVER is equipped with a modern video communication system for visitors, residents, and employees of the management company.

The Video intercom system of CLEVER includes:

- intercom with a video camera (installed on front doors),

- touch-screen video panel for receiving calls, and opening doors (installed in apartments).

The system supports IP video intercoms, standard SIP, and RTP protocols.

Video Surveillance

The system is a network of IP video cameras grouped together.

It allows the residents to watch live videos from house and yard video cameras on touch-screen apartment panels or in a mobile application.

Access to images from IP video cameras for residents and staff of the management company is carried out according to the established lists.

The recordings of video cameras are limited by the current legislation on personal data.

Access to the records is obtained by law enforcement agencies if there are grounds.

Access to Non-residential Premises

With the help of CLEVER, the management company and residents restrict and control access to non-residential and technical premises and other communal areas.

Access to technical premises (basements, attics, etc.) is given through key cards that the management company issues to authorized persons and employees.

Access to the parking lot, storerooms, wheelchairs for residents and guests is given through key cards, QR codes, or an application. The system supports security zones and access profiles.

The system supports IP controllers and web relays

It works on digital protocols TCP/UDP/HTTP.

Parking Barriers, Doors, Gates

Parking Barriers, Doors, Gates

CLEVER allows you to open entrance parking barriers and other doors from the mobile application. Convenient voice control of gates, doors, and parking barriers is installed, too.

The generation and issuance of temporary keys/QR codes for entry/exit are carried out separately. This function is designed for guests and invited specialists.

Automatic Fire Alarm

The CLEVER system is integrated with an Automatic fire alarm system, and sensors are installed following the current legislation requirements.

Alarm signals about emergencies, fires, and smoke in apartments and on-premises are carried out through a mobile application or touch panels installed in apartments.