Freedom and monetization - the CLEVER.SDK principle

We believe that every creator of a dream Smart Home can decide not only for himself but also for his client, which house with which features they want to get as a result. In response, we are eager to provide developers with a powerful and interesting tool, that is useful for those who actively work on the latest trend, i.e. Smart Homes.

Developer Kit CLEVER.SDK

Create your own

- software products and modules

- local servers and controllers

- cloud solutions

- touch control panels

- mobile applications

Clever.SDK is created to help you create Smart Homes that will amaze with their technological infrastructure and comfort. We fully trust your creativity and believe in your inspiration.

What is CLEVER.SDK? What is included in CLEVER.SDK? Why do you need CLEVER.SDK? Who needs CLEVER.SDK for? What is the CLEVER Smart Home?


CLEVER.SDK (Software Development Kit) is a ready-made set of tools for the developer of Smart Homes and other smart systems.

The CLEVER.SDK developer kit will make it easier for you to create applications and target systems for Smart Homes, accelerate development, and reduce the cost of programmers' services

What is included in CLEVER.SDK

The Clever.SDK developer kit includes

- a set of CLEVER libraries, modules, and configurations,

- Jooa software development and maintenance environment

- the runtime environment of the program code is A7 Server

Why do you need CLEVER.SDK

CLEVER.SDK helps you create your unique Smart Systems for residential and commercial real estate, and to localize the production of remote controls (panels) that will be installed in Smart Homes.

Who needs CLEVER.SDK

CLEVER.SDK is a tool for programmers to create their own software for their Smart Homes.

What is the CLEVER Smart Home

By CLEVER Smart Home we understand the broadest meaning. Smart Home CLEVER can be everything

- from flat to quarter

- from cottage to village

- from apartment to hotel

- from office to business center