What do we offer?

We offer you our ultra brand new solution, i.e. the original CLEVER HOME Smart Building Management System used by real estate developers and management companies.

CLEVER HOME is an ecosystem that combines servers, controllers, and peripherals, thus providing unique software for smart systems from just an apartment to a whole apartment building or a residential quarter.

Why Clever?

CLEVER HOME has everything you need for a modern smart home: building management servers, dispatching controllers and sensors, smart apartment controllers, local social networks, and application management systems.

An amazing set of ready-to-use technologies for buildings and apartments: video broadcasts and intercom, access control, lighting and elevator control, engineering equipment and meters maintenance, and radio channels for connecting smart devices in apartments.

CLEVER HOME also uses artificial intelligence, voice control, and end-to-end encryption.

CLEVER HOME supports x86/x64 and ARM hardware platforms, mobile platforms (iOS and Android), and touch smart panels (Linux).

With CLEVER HOME, you can create reliable decentralized solutions.

Moreover, we offer the CLEVER HOME SDK Developer Kit for the self-development of products and solutions.

What are we looking for?

A7 Systems is looking for partners to localize and promote the CLEVER HOME Smart Home Management System, and for those interested in creating their own solutions based on the CLEVER HOME SDK Developer Kit.