CLEVER's technical capabilities

Equipment Management
Interfaces RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP, UDP, ZigBee
Protocols ModBus ASCII/RTU/TCP, ZigBee Automation, OPC DA (optional), M4, MEK 61107 (С)
Supported hardware District heating substation, pumping units, metering devices, ventilation installations
Light control Zone control
Dispatching Control
Interfaces Ethernet
Voice command Has
Action control Has
Control Has
Gates RS485
Interfaces RS485, Http/Https server/client, Ethernet TCP/IP, UDP server/client
Modes Offline (autonomous), key confirmation on the server
Supported devices Reading devices, locks, parking barriers
Automatic Fire Alarm
Integration HTTP, HTTPS, OPC DA (optional)
Alarm methods Personal, public notification
Video intercom
Protocols SIP
Streams Voice, video
Video cameras
Protocols RTSP
Codecs 264, 265
AMI System
Interfaces RS485, MBus, Ethernet TCP/IP, UDP, radio
Resources Cold and hot water, heating, electricity
Artificial Intelligence
Video Face (Face ID), car license plates, people recognition
Voice Voice command recognition
Apartment Controller
Interfaces Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth BLE, KNX (optional), RS485 (optional)
Control Touch screen (optional)
Mobile application iOS, Android
Encryption End-to-end
Types of devices Light switches, colored LED strips and light bulbs, power sockets, electric relays, locks, curtain moving units, power electric machines, water opening/closing valves, thermostatic control heads, underfloor heating control
Sensor/detector types Temperature, humidity, opening, movement, water leak, smoke
Pre-installed scripts Light control, water leak control, security mode, night and day mode
Customized scripts Has
Timetable support Time, days of the week, solar time