Home control


The resident adjusts the lighting, climate, and security inside their apartment to their needs, tastes, and technical preferences.


The climate system allows residents to adjust the temperature in the living rooms as they please. The climate system includes humidity and temperature sensors, a smart thermostatic control head for radiators, an underfloor heating control unit. Residents are also able to configure the system to their wishes – maintain a certain percentage of humidity in the bedroom or control the temperature recommended for keeping certain animals.


The resident controls the Lighting system individually. The system includes power sockets, motion sensors, switches, lamps, LED strip controller, curtain control unit.

The lighting system is also adjustable – it’s possible to configure lamps powering when motion sensors are triggered or set the positioning of window curtains according to the light conditions.

Video Intercom

The Access control system is installed in the building.

Each entrance is equipped with a video intercom. This device helps the resident accurately identify the newcomer, minimizing the risk of outsiders' entry.

Through the video intercom, residents see and hear well enough who comes to them, and control access to the front door from the hallway (via the touch panel) or remotely (via the mobile application).

Live Videos from House and Yard Cameras

The Video surveillance system is present, too.

Now, the residents can see their yard and house territories on touch panel screens and in the mobile application. The Online surveillance system allows residents to be aware of events in real-time and, if necessary, additionally attract the attention of dispatchers and employees of the management company.

It also alleviates the problem of parking, which is typical for multi-apartment buildings. The residents no longer need to drive around the yard, they can look for a place online when they will be approaching. This function will help them find a convenient and free parking space in the yard and they will immediately park there!

For caring parents, live video from cameras is an indispensable tool. In the mobile application, parents can monitor whether the children have run away from the playground after playing too much.

'Entrance' and 'House' Chats or Personal Dialogues with Neighbors

Each house will have its own social network.

n the modern world, the real communication of residents has decreased, especially in multi-apartment buildings. Now even residents of the same store may neither know each other by name nor have contacts for communication. And if the neighbor's doorbell is turned off, then you have to knock loudly on his door, which worries and strains everyone.

The House Network increases socialization, brings people closer together, and allows them to constructively solve common problems. Accounts in the network are formed by apartment numbers, so no personal data is requested. With the House Network, the resident does not need to know the neighbors' telephone numbers to contact them if necessary. You can send a message in the mobile application in the house chat.

Housing and Utility Services

Residents will be able to communicate directly with the management company.

The dialog service unites the management company and residents and promotes constructive communication. Employees of the company notify residents about outages, ongoing works, and events. Residents signal about the existing problem, request a visit of the specialist and evaluate his work.

It is also possible to request certificates and forms without appearing directly to the accounting department of the company. Services are available through the apartment touch panel and the mobile application.

Parking Barriers, Doors, Gates

CLEVER allows you to open entrance parking barriers and other doors from the mobile application.

Convenient voice control of gates, doors, and parking barriers is installed, too.

The generation and issuance of temporary keys/QR codes for entry/exit are carried out separately. This function is designed for guests and invited specialists.

House Guard

The subsystem includes door opening sensors, an electronic lock, and a motion sensor. For example, a door sensor signals an opening, there are no residents in the apartment at the moment, no one is expected either; it means that an outsider has entered.

Also, CLEVER HOME independently notifies the private house guard service about a violation of the apartment security. If, when leaving for a long time, the resident has set the appropriate mode in an empty apartment, then when the motion sensors there are triggered, a group of security personnel appears.

Water Leak and Smoke Control

The subsystem for Water Leak and Smoke Control includes leak detectors, water opening/closing valves, and smoke sensors. For example, if there is a leak, a special detector is triggered, and the water valve automatically shuts off.


CLEVER equipment works autonomously and does not require an Internet connection or cloud services. Access from a mobile application to CLEVER FLAT is carried out within the apartment network, via Wi-Fi.

Access outside the apartment is implemented using a NAT home Wi-Fi router (requires a dedicated IP address) or the CLEVER SPACE service, which connects devices through an algorithm that provides maximum privacy and security.

Device Support

CLEVER FLAT supports devices connected to standard ZigBee Home Automation profiles.

You can use devices from well-known brands (Xiaomi, Tuya) and less famous ones. Connection to cloud services is not required.